One of the major factor of any project is the Economy. Successful Projects are often lead by wealthy of the Organization which lead a free hand to execute the task.

Your contribution & donation is greatly appreciated. Big or small everything is welcome. Let's work together and create a better world for all of us and also for the coming generations. Be human and help human beings to wipe the tears of many unfortunate citizens of Sri Lanka and be one of them who helps to wipe their tears.

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IBAN: SE8480000832799840139670

Bankgiro: 5212-0193

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For all those who are living in Sri Lanka can directly pay into the Buddhist Monks bank account. Account details are as follows:

A/C Name:          Rev.B. Rahula Thero
A/C No:               81284492
Bank Name:        Bank of Ceylon
Bank Branch:      Balangoda
Bank Address:    137, Main Street, Balangoda, A4,
                            Balangodo, Sri Lanka.