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1. Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) seeking immediate help to supply the shortages of lifesaving drugs and medical equipment to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka's hospitals are running out of essential medicine and lifesaving drugs and medical equipments due to no foreign currency in the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Drugs to treat heart attacks and tubes to help newborn babies breathe are in short supply nationwide.

The situation is so dire that several hospitals have suspended routine surgeries and greatly reduced the number of laboratory tests. "All Sri Lankan hospitals are on the verge of collapse," "The situation will deteriorate in the coming weeks or months. "People's lives are at stake", and people will start dying if action is not taken now. " Any patient deaths due to drug shortages could result in “riots at the hospitals”.

We have received an emergency request by Hon. Mr. Sajith Premadasa, MP Leader of the Opposition party, Sri Lanka for life saving medicines, ie., Tenecterel 40mg Injection Kit of 2800 Vials monthly request.

2. Helping the Vulnerable and the less fortunate citizens of Sri Lanka. 

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Our vision is "To empower all persons and children with special needs taking a holistic approach allowing optimal development to enable them to live as independently as possible in society with self - respect and dignity". Due to the pandemic these two years & the escalating cost of living presently donors have informed that it is difficult for them to continue with the donations hereafter due to financial constraints. Navodaya Special Children's Foundation in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka will be one of the institutes that we are focusing on helping. The majority of the children are with Down syndrome kids. The other special need children are: Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Michael Syndrome, Learning Difficulty, Speech Problems and Cerebral Palsy.

There are many such institutes who are working to help the vulnerable and unfortunate citizens of Sri Lanka who are finding financial difficulties to maintain the Institutes and we at Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) comes forward to help these Institutes with donations so that they can continue their work as usual without interruption due to finances. All donations will be through Lions Club Kelaniya, Sri Lanka to ensure the donor 100% transparent.

The break down of the sponsorship is as follow;
Help towards meals - Breakfast and Lunch
Help towards the cost of providing Speech and Physical therapy
Help by providing hearing aid / spectacles / wheel chairs
Support with the monthly requirement of dry rations.
Support towards Teachers salary
Support towards the Utility bills
Support a child on the Transportation cost as some are unable to use public transport due to the nature of the disability.
Help provide School Uniforms / Shoes
Help with a Day trip
Help towards the Annual concert





4. A picture is worth a thousand words.



 5. Self Employment Project.

Social Entepreneuship


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We are planning to integrate all Sri Lankans and the Sri Lankan Diasporas and well wishers together in collaborating with Sri Lankan High Commissions. Embassies and the Consulates globally to work together with the staffs of the missions by organizing Events with Cultural, Heritage,  Sports, Musical Shows and Tourism Promotions to Sri Lanka and to create a New Sri Lanka with unity and great opportunities to every Sri Lankans.


7. Working towards minimizing or eliminating corruption, bribery and money laundering in Sri Lanka.We are collaborating with the 5 least corrupted countries of the world - Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore and Sweden. We are corresponding with the heads of governments for their advice and guidance. We also will have a team to analyse future investments in Sri Lanka to make sure people's money is spend well.


8. Safe-guarding democracy in Sri Lanka

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka is not practicing democracy always. People have lost their voice to speak out and as a result Sri Lanka has become bankrupt with no foreign reserves. We are also collaborating on working with the 11 most democratic countries of the world - Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Canada, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Australia, Switzerland, USA and UK to safe-guard and to strengthen democracy in Sri Lanka.


This is a wake up call for all Sri Lankans, Sri Lankan diasporas and well wishers. Today, every Sri Lankan and every newborn child in Sri Lanka owes nearly one million Sri Lankan rupees per capita to foreign governments and institutions. This is due to the mismanagement of previous governments and politicians in Sri Lanka. This is also because Sri Lankan governments, politicians and their citizens are moving away from each other instead of working together to move the country forward. If we have to turn the whole situation around at the moment when the country is facing bankruptcy, all of us Sri Lankans, Sri Lankan diaspora and well-wishers should come together and try to fund our project Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) and rebuild Sri Lanka in cooperation with the Sri Lankan government. We at Mankind Sweden have created a platform where everyone can participate for a better Sri Lanka.

There are hundreds or perhaps thousands of Sri Lankan diaspora organizations in the world today. Everyone is working with their own agendas, but no one has come up with a concept to find a permanent solution to Sri Lanka's problems today. We at Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) welcome all diaspora organizations to join us and work together to build a new Sri Lanka with hope and opportunity for all Sri Lankans.

We at Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) believe that many Sri Lankans, Sri Lankan diasporas and well-wishers from the industrial world are also interested in lending a helping hand by starting their own fundraising projects through our platform. The current situation in Sri Lanka is so bad that many people want to help us and cooperate with us by raising funds in their own country where they currently live. For those of you who are interested in working with us with Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) in your home country, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will contact Lions Club Kelaniya and they will contact the Lions Club in your country so that you can start your own fundraising projects in the country where you live today . (up to 10-15%) can be used for fundraising marketing). The rest of the funding should be channeled through the Lions Club in your home country, and eventually all funding will reach Lions Club Kelaniya to distribute the funds according to the wishes of the donors.

All funding and donations are channeled through the Lions Club to guarantee 100% transparency in distributing all funding and donations and fulfilling donors' wishes. We at Mankind Sweden believe that the wealth of a country is nothing but its citizens. If a country takes care of its citizens, the economy is not a problem for the country. Our projects focus on the well-being of Sri Lankan citizens.