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The project aims to work towards a sustainable solution for peace in Sri Lanka, helping to strengthen democracy especially after COVID-19.

Sri Lanka has faced an internal civil war in the past for almost 3 decades. During this time tsunami has hit their shores and there after the Easter Sunday bomb blast and now the covid-19 pandemic has pushed even more Sri Lankans to under poverty level.

Sri Lankan families who are living under the poverty standards live under conditions which are close to nothing. We believe there are hundreds of thousands of Sri Lankan citizens all over Sri Lanka who are living under the poverty level with no proper accommodation.

No proper roof there are wholes on the roof. No proper walls, walls with lots of holes on it, No proper kitchen, No rooms, No toilets, no water. etc etc. Children lack proper education.

If we need to help develop up the country and help boost the economy of Sri Lanka we need to start with the basics to see all Sri Lankan citizens have an acceptable standard of living mainly accommodation.

The Sri Lankan buddhist monk Bagawanthalawe Rahula Himi, who brought attention to the pathetic condition of these forgotten citizens of Sri Lanka, has started his efforts to renovate these homes so that those unfortunate people can live a normal life and he has accepted Mankind's (N.G.O) Sweden offer for assistance to his cause. Mankind (N.G.O) Sweden will work to provide all necessary support to renovate the houses for an acceptable standard of living at the reasonable cost.

We will publish photographs and other details after completing the work on each house before and after. There is no specific budget for this project as money comes in we will help renovate the homes one by one. The more money that comes in the more homes that can be renovated. We will document this journey stage-by-stage so that all can follow the progress.

We at Mankind (N.G.O) along with the Buddhist monk Bogawantalawa Rahula Himi are working with two different important projects for humanity in Sri Lanka.

1. Repair the damaged homes for the unprivileged and most needed and neglected families by the community and the state and build common toilets.
2. Elderly homes for the pensioners and who have no pension and had been neglected by the state and the communities.

Please feel generous towards these unfortunate citizens from Sri Lanka and help us in providing them with atleast minimum acceptable accommodation standards by making donations in our donation site.

Considering the life and death situation of these people we kept all our other projects on hold to fully focus on this project..



Projects that are on hold:

1. Integrating the divided community of Sri Lanka and treat all human beings in Sri Lanka with respect and dignity, regardless of the diversity they belong to.

2. Help citizens with mental problems associated with civil internal war and Easter Sunday bomb blast of April 2019.

3. Career educational programs

4. Invite all Sri Lankan diaspora pensioners and welcome them back to their mother land Sri Lanka to spend the last years in Sri Lanka with safety, security, care and love.

Let us join hands and support the project Mankind (N.G.O) Sweden. In doing so, you will give us your encouragement and support, which will help in creating a better world for all of us. That is what matters and thats what help make the difference. We are working to save the present and future generations.

Give us your encouragement and appreciation and become true friends of Mankind (NGO) Sweden, and be proud of the work we do together.

Thank you.

* If we can dream it, we can do it. All our dreams can come true, if we dare to pursue them.

* A positive mind finds opportunity in everything.

* A negative mind finds faults in everything.

* There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid of you will succeed.

* Compassion is not about giving a beggar a coin at a traffic signal. It is showing some bodies the way to live and gives them an opportunity to flourish.

A small step for man but a giant leap for mankind [Neil Armstrong, Moon, 1969]

We show similar attitude through our project [Mankind. N.G.O Project]