There are three things that cannot be hidden: the Sun; the Moon; and the truth. The Sri Lankan economy has previously been badly damaged by the civil war, the 2004 Tsunami and the 2019 Easter Sunday Bomb blast. But now the covid-19 has almost brought the country's economy to a standstill.

The best hope for Sri Lanka are the Sri Lankans, the Sri Lankan diaspora and the well-wishers. We should all come together and give a helping hand to fix the broken economy of Sri Lanka and rebuild the nation with hope and confidence. We at Mankind stand with the Sri Lankans, the Sri Lankan diaspora and the well-wishers, and we provide a platform where all can cooperate to assist in the recovery of the Sri Lankan economy alongside the President, the Government and the citizens of Sri Lanka..

Let us all join hands and work together to rebuild the Sri Lankan economy so that Sri Lankans can live prosperous lives and recover from all the tragedies they have undergone in the past.

A special message to all Sri Lankan diasporas around the world: Once upon a time in Sri Lanka you enjoyed free education, free medical care and free basic food items. Now Sri Lanka needs your help. Don't let your Motherland down. Invest in Sri Lanka. Let us know the town where you were born or the town where you spent most of your childhood.

We will find a suitable business investment project for you. Shares will be put on sale by the respective limited companies with the full detail concept of each limited company and will be available with a 3 year prognosis of the company's progress. Let us know which field you are most interested in or we will find a suitable business project in your town for your investments.

We wish to inform all foreign investors that the government of Sri Lanka is inviting all foreign investors to invest in Sri Lanka and they are issuing 5-10 year multiple-entry visas. Our aim is to work towards receiving one billion US dollars in different investment projects in Sri Lanka. We have been in contact with some good investors both Sri lankan diaspora and well-wishers in different  countries and many  of them have shown interest in investing in Sri Lanka provided we have a good amount of mandates registered with us. Please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s internal war which ended in May 2009, had cost the country around US$ 200 billion according to India’s former National Security Adviser and Foreign Secretary, Shivshankar ...




Sri Lankan President Mr.Gotabaya Rajapaksa stresses the need for new investments to be encouraged instead of new loans. The former Governor of Central Bank has said that Sri Lanka is greatly in need of 750 million U.S dollars to bring Sri Lankan economy to a stable position.

We would like to help Sri Lanka to achieve the above amount with the help of our project Mankind. There fore we have come out with the Investment Projects to help Sri Lankan economy to be stable.

Message from Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraal (Former Governor Central Bank, Sri Lanka) regarding the present situation in Sri Lanka.

We now see as a result of covid-19 impact many business are today facing great challenges. In addition to the brought forward losses they are making losses. In addition to the past difficulties that they have had they are going to face some very difficult years ahead and some of them are going to have serious liquidity issues. At the same time there is a danger that there could be a collective enterprise collapse if this situation is not addressed as soon as possible.

That could lead to:
* Massive job losses.
* Serious contraction of economy.
* Significant social unrest.
* Liquidity risk and losses to Banks and Financial Institutions.
* Debt default contagion that may be vi have to address

This can all lead to a usable economy of the country.
Any revival strategy that we develop in order to deal with the situation should be able to revive theses enterprises and save jobs. It should lead to the settlement of Banks outstanding so that the liquidity situation is addressed.

It should infuse new equity into the business and enterprises and no new debt. if you can infuse new equity only this problem could be addressed. Just imagine if you have a enterprise already struggling with old debt and old interest if you burden it with new loans and new interest and they still enjoy only the old income or may be less than the old income, that business is not going to be a viable one.

So you have to infuse equity and that is a very important consideration in this whole equation and that would reduce uncertainty and stabilized economy as well.

We at Mankind understands that Sri Lanka is attempting to sustain economic growth while maintaining macroeconomic stability under the IMF program it began in 2016. The government's high debt payments and bloated civil service, which have contributed to historically high budget deficits, remain a concern. At present the government debt remains among the highest of the emerging markets. In the coming years, Sri Lanka will need to balance its elevated debt repayment schedule with its need to maintain adequate foreign exchange reserves.

Our guess is if the inevitable financial crisis hits Sri Lanka in a few years time the IMF will impose the same misguided conditions as they did in Greece in 2015 and which caused unnecessary hardship to their hapless people. This will involve higher taxes and reduction in expenditure on subsidies and services like health. This will deepen the recession, cause increased unemployment (in a country with no social safety net) and cause stress in a society with deep fissures along religious and ethnic lines. This will also lead to Sri Lankan government will not be able to pay the mortgage and the interest for the loans Sri Lanka have taken. Interested rates will shoot up and Sri Lankans who have borrowed money by mortgaging theirs houses will find it impossible to pay the mortgage and their by risk losing their homes.

Help us to reverse the present economic situation in Sri Lanka. Let us join hands together and support the Mankind Project. In doing so you will give us your encouragement and support which will help us create a better world for all of us. That is what matters and that is what will help make the difference. We are working to protect both present and future generations. Thank you.