We believe the past tragedies in Sri Lanka is due to the total silence of most of their citizens. We at Mankind feels the better way in dealing with the problems is to find solutions for the problems its self. There by we have opened up this Forum for all to give their positive solutions to the ongoing problems in Sri Lanka and to have a debate around your solutions. Who knows your solutions can be in great help to both Sri Lanka and the citizens and probably you could lead that project.

We at Mankind works only with positive thinking and you may sent us your positive solutions to our contact site and we will place it in the Forum site for all to read. Thank You.




We at Mankind believe that many of the problems faced by Sri Lankans can be resolved by our project Mankind.

The UN and the leading countries of the world have let Sri Lanka down over the last 26 years during which time the country underwent one of the most brutal civil wars to take place in a democratic country. As a result of this, the citizens of Sri Lanka have lost their voice. It is also estimated that the past internal war may have cost the country more than 200 Billion US dollars. Today Sri Lanka is finding it difficult to pay the mortgage for the loans that the country borrowed for reconstructing the country. And the recent Covid-19 pandemic has weakened Sri Lanka's economy further.

We at Mankind are also working parallel to our projects works in reducing the loan burdens on Sri Lanka so that the country can serve its citizens and fulfil their needs without compromising the economic growth of the country.

The UN and the leading countries of the world have an obligation to help Sri Lanka out of its economic crisis. We should all work together in reducing the debt burden, thereby giving Sri Lanka a chance to build its economy.

To achieve this goal, we should introduce workshops and seminars in the leading Western nations in order to gain support from these nations' citizens. And thereafter we can approach the governments of these nations with solutions to reducing the debt burdens of Sri Lanka which they can assist with.

The leading Western nations spent trillions of dollars in eliminating the leaders of Iraq and Libya, and it is sad to say that they could not stop the internal civil war in Sri Lanka which lasted more than 26 years. Sri Lanka being the country which elected the first female prime minister in the world.

To our knowledge Sri Lanka is facing unprecedented moments, economic volatility and a macroeconomic crisis. We all have to stand together to overcome these. With the right energy and passion,  we can find a way through these problems by developing the right solutions, effective communication and good diplomacy.

Many of the top CEOs in the USA are of Indian origin, and India is a neighbouring country to Sri Lanka. Many of these Indians CEOs may have a soft spot for Sri Lanka. If we obtain a good number of supporters of project Mankind, we will set up a team to meet and present our projects to these CEOs to see if we can garner support from them. We at Mankind think positively and work positively.

Now it's in the hands of the citizens to support our project Mankind so that we can bring back life to Sri Lanka. Thank You.


Some of the top CEOs in the USA with Indian origins.