Peace Heroes

We at Mankind are aware that their are many thousands of Sri Lankans who openly work and speak out for the unity of all Sri Lankans and to see a new Sri Lanka without any discrimination or racism. We are also aware that the majority of Sri Lankans who will follow them and support them if they had a platform to work on.  Now we have a platform at Mankind for them where they all can get-together and make their dreams come true.

These are two great Sri Lankans from two different communities who contributed to integration after almost three decades of internal war ended in Sri Lanka and helped to make peace in the country.

We believe there are many more individuals who have tried very hard to integrate Sri Lankans to create peace in Sri Lanka.

We appreciate if you know any one with such courage and willingness please sent us all information of such individuals so that we may encourage others too.







Stan Lee is one of the many who gave us the courage and confidence to believe in ourselves and to go forward with our project work Mankind in order to create a better and peaceful world to all of us and the coming generation.




Here is a brilliant speech by Sri Lankan cricketer Kumar Sangakkara in his official Facebook site. We would like to share it with our readers. This is one of the most valuable speech that we have come across for Mankind.



Even if you do not understand Tamil, keep watching because the major issues are spoken in English