The objective of this project is to work towards a permanent solution for peace in Sri Lanka. Here are the three main goals that we should work towards in order to achieve long lasting peace in Sri Lanka:

1. Ensuring equality for all Sri Lankans with an end to discrimination and racism.  (caste discrimination, religious discrimination, language discrimination, work discrimination etc).
2. Help to maintain safety and security for all in Sri Lanka at all times.
3. Help to create a new Sri Lanka with hope and opportunity for all. 

It is only when we achieve these goals that we can practice and promote true democracy, justice and human rights in Sri Lanka forever.

We aim to create a zero tolerance for racism in Sri Lanka.

We request that the government of Sri Lanka considers the approval of an anti-racism law in the Sri Lankan parliament for the betterment of Sri Lanka and for the unity of Sri Lankans, so that all citizens can contribute to the progress of Sri Lanka and be united forever.

Racism has been the main cause of the internal war in Sri Lanka in the past, and we believe this to be one of the reasons for the Easter Sunday terror attack in Sri Lanka in April 2019, which was carried out by a small group of Muslims. It is time that we all realize our mistakes and make it law that there is zero tolerance for racism in Sri Lanka and work towards rebuilding the country together.

In order for the citizens of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan diaspora to forget the past, we at Mankind (NGO) will help with contributions to the dependents of those who lost their lives in the Sri Lankan civil war and have not received any compensation yet. We additionally want to provide contributions to those who are affected by the missing citizens of Sri Lanka, especially to all mothers who also have still not been compensated.

We at Mankind (NGO) feel that however hard we try, the country cannot move forward unless the above issues are rectified. Therefore, Mankind (NGO) has come forward with this solution to rectify the past in order to allow the country to move forward. We believe that if the above demands are met, Sri Lanka will have a new life full of opportunities and prosperity.

For us to be able to influence the Sri Lankan government to approve the above conditions in the Sri Lankan parliament, we need to have many mandates that support our project. If you agree with us and want to support our project, please give us your mandate to Mankind (NGO) to speak on your behalf.

Just by donating $1(USD) you give us your mandate and support to act on your behalf.

LET US JOIN HANDS TOGETHER! AND SUPPORT THE MANKIND PROJECT. In doing so you will give us your encouragement and support which will help us create a better world for all of us. That is what matters and that is what will help make the difference. We are working to protect both present and future generations.

The more mandates we have, the quicker we can get started and save our democratic nation from any more catastrophe. Give us your encouragement and appreciation and be a true friend of Mankind (NGO), and be proud of the work we do together.

Specific details of our project plans will be made available once we have sufficient mandates with us.

Here are some of the project plans that we plan to implement:

1. Even today, over 10 years after the civil war in Sri Lanka ended, we still see people with mental health problems related to the war. In addition to this, the Easter Sunday Bomb Blast of April 2019 has contributed to additional mental health problems. And it’s not only those who were directly involved in the war or in the terror attacks that we are talking about; it’s enough to have witnessed such attacks to become a victim. We want to ensure that such people who are yet to get treatment do get the treatment they need. We need to assess each person individually, examine their symptoms, and get the right treatment for them so that they can be free from these mental health problems.

2. Integrating and welcoming Sri Lankan diaspora back home to Sri Lanka, so that they can retire in Sri Lanka with care, security and safety. This will also help generate income for the government of Sri Lanka. In various ways these returning Sri Lankans will improve Sri Lanka through their experience of living and working in many countries around the world including developed countries.

3. There are many expat Sri Lankan diaspora and their children working in other countries and holding good positions in various fields. We will encourage those who are able to, to come and spend a month in Sri Lanka and share and teach their experience and knowledge of their respective fields to the Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka. These expat Sri Lankans could spend three weeks teaching and then, as a generosity, receive one week fully paid holiday for their entire family. During the teaching period, accommodation and meals will be provided by us.

4. We at Mankind strongly believe that every human being is born with some talent, and many of the citizens in Sri Lankans do not get the opportunity to put forward their talents because they are not encouraged.  We at Mankind come forward to help find the hidden talents of the citizens and encourage them to put in use of their talents through our carrier educational programs. There are many vocational courses that would benefit Sri Lanka, but we will choose a few different programs that are in great demand for jobs in Sri Lanka.  All our courses will be to the European Standards.

Here are some of the vocational courses we have in mind.
• Welder • Gardener • Small boat construction • Electrician • Vehicle mechanic • Hairdressers • House building • Painter • Plumbing • Beauty care • Carpenter, Childcare, Caring for the Vulnerable, Eldercare etc.

5. We will work towards bringing the Sri Lankan tourism industry back to normal again in Sri Lanka and help bring life back to the country.

We understand that many of our readers may dismiss our project as being a fantasy. We would like to remind our readers that many of the best projects you have ever seen have started as fantasies. It's not going to be an easy task but we are not giving up until we achieve our goals, because we believe in this project and this is a project that is most needed to see peace in Sri Lanka for ever. Many citizens in Sri Lankans and Sri Lankan diaspora live mostly for themselves, for their families and for their grandchildren. But through this project we hope to break such barriers and give hope and opportunities to all in Sri Lanka. Join us and give us a helping hand.

Thank you.


If we can dream it, we can do it. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

A positive mind finds opportunity in everything.

A negative mind finds faults in everything.


A small step for man but a giant leap for mankind [Neil Armstrong, Moon, 1969] 

We show the same attitude through our project [Mankind. NGO project]