Sri Lanka has long been referred to as a Paradise island on Earth in the past. The people of Sri Lanka have set an example to many progressive nations by electing world’s first ever women prime minister, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, which show a deep sense of their equality, opportunity and democratic nature. For a welfare of such stature, it comes as a bit of surprise and disappointment that a civil conflict occurred which lasted for almost three decades in Sri Lanka. The world has witnessed one of the bloodiest and the most brutal human rights violation in this country.

It all started when the internal war broke up in Sri Lanka in 1983 and lasted for almost three decades has thrown the country in deep turmoil and now face a daunting task to save themselves from succumbing to the aforementioned crisis.

Sri Lanka has seen bloodshed and economical damage which has set the country on a back foot in terms of progression, both socially and economically. Sri Lankan government finally put an end to the internal war in Sri Lanka on May 2009. Reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction programs have started since then and not to forget the recent Easter Sunday terror attacks April 2019 in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka had paid heavy losses of human lives and destroyed the country's economy very badly.

This great tragedy could have been avoided had the good people raised their voice and create required awareness among the citizens of Sri Lanka against the civil outburst. Instead, their silence has paved the way for evil people to press their forces, causing chaos among the people and eventually leading to this unfortunate situation that changed the course of the nation’s progress. The aftermath of this civil outburst and internal war is the silence of these citizens against the wrongdoings of the bureaucracy and themselves alike.

At the time of civil outburst and internal war, none could have estimated this level of destruction. And for this reason, we need to encourage the people of Sri Lanka to raise their voices in favor of overall development of the nation instead of silent gestures towards the destructive forces that proved so costly. This is the grass root foundation of democracy: OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people as phrased by Abraham Lincoln.

The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

We would like to share with our readers some of the topics regarding Diaspora by Mr. Kingsley Aikins. We too at Mankind are interested, fascinated by and are passionate about diasporas. We should regard this not as a lost of actors but as a terrific national asset.

The migration was just great centrifugal force dispersing people all around the world and diaspora is this an instant convergent Force which is bringing people back people to their own countries.

We believe in such things as diaspora capital, for Capital Resorts is the overseas Resorts that is available to a country is made up of three flows, flows of people, flows of Finance, and the flows of knowledge and every country has this to varying degrees this is an emotional work it's about Visions about dreams.

To make this work, first we do need to have a dream and we at Mankind have a strategic plan because it can be difficult disputatious and diverse and diffusion distant that can be tensions that can be contradictions. Diaspora work it's non competitive.

Its all about ideas and creativity and talents and innovation by definition that's about people and people who Sip and slip and slide from country to Country so we need to put in place strategies to find out where they are and what they're doing the research capacity where they may be distrustful and that brings them to the extent that are passionately involved with their origin country Sri Lanka.
We don't put in place strategies and policies and programs and projects soon we are losing a terrific opportunity.

We believe around four million Sri Lankan diaspora exist in the world as per today. To our knowledge just in remittances alone over 8 to 10 billion dollars last year sent by Sri Lankan diaspora to Sri Lanka.

We need to put some Humanity into human eyes. In order to win the trust and confidence from the Sri Lankan diaspora extraordinaire events need to be organized. Music events in Heritage events Traditional sporting events and Traditional Cultural event and deliver this extraordinary occasion to the Sri Lankan diasporas around the world to build up a unity and ask for forgiveness from all those who have been affected due to the past internal war in Sri Lanka. This can be called the magical of diaspora project.

This is a connected world like never before the measurement of power in this world is connectedness the information age is over everything is available to everybody at the flick of a switch. So why wait, give us your a mandate to MANKIND by just donating a dollar to our project works and be proud of the work we do together. Thank you

An Appeal to all Sri Lankans, Ex Sri Lankans and to all those who care and love Sri Lanka to save Sri Lanka from any more economic catastrophe and disasters.

The past tragedies in Sri Lanka is not the fault of the politicians but rather the Silence of good people. Sri Lanka's assets are its citizens but unfortunately Sri Lankan government have neglected their citizens in the past to take care of its citizens when they were in need of shelter and care during the internal war in Sri Lanka, as a result to this many seek shelter in other countries and they were welcomed and most of them have helped tremendously in contributing to the economic growth of these nations. Some of the Prime Ministers of the leading Democratic countries as openly come out and thanked the Sri Lankan diaspora for their contributions and help to boost their economy.

Caring for the vulnerable in the society, teaching children at schools, taking care of patients from nurse to surgeon, service sector, IT sector, construction sector maintaining Law and Order sector etc,etc

Today there are more than 3.5 million Sri Lankan diaspora and many of them they are doing extremely well and their investments to Sri Lanka will make the difference to the Sri Lankan economy. According to our studies many Sri Lankan diaspora do not know how to contribute in a positive way for those who are less fortunate back home in Sri Lanka. For a speedy progress, we at MANKIND INTERNATIONAL come forward asking you for your mandate to act on your behalf in order to create a permanent, united, peaceful Sri Lanka by working with the President of Sri Lanka the government of Sri Lanka, with all political parties in Sri Lanka and also with the people of Sri Lanka for all to live in harmony and peace forever. It is our lack of action that results in people with their own political agendas approaching the government and leading it astray.

The government of Sri Lanka is working very hard to bring in tourism and investors into the country but unfortunately first came the internal war in Sri Lanka which lasted almost three decades during this time came the Tsunami and then came the Easter Sunday bomb blast and now the Coronavirus which is not letting Sri Lanka to move forward. The best hope we think is best for Sri Lanka is if we can convince the Sri Lankan diaspora and all those who care and love Sri Lanka to come forward and show your willingness, to give a helping hand to your motherland and Sri Lanka which is in great need of your help to stable the economy of the country.

We need to start marketing to welcome all Sri Lankan diaspora who wants to come home to Sri Lanka because their time is running out they are getting old and some are getting sick and for some its too late and they are in millions.

I'm sure as a born-and-bred Sri Lankan and have lived a part of their lives in Sri Lanka and before leaving this planet they definitely would like to spend their last years in Sri Lanka if we approach them in the right way. Their have a rich pension which they have paid and work for it, they have the capital for investments and also they have their family, relations and friends to visit them when they live in Sri Lanka. This is one big boost to Sri Lankan economy. If you miss it Sri Lanka will not get a another chance. There goes the easy tourism and the easy investments who will gladly invest for the sake of their motherland for this to happen Sri Lanka must consider passing a law in Sri Lanka Parliament equal rights to all Sri Lankans which will open the doors for everyone to think positive and work positive.

On the other hand we get some information that a few Sri Lankan diaspora families who are living in the rich democratic Industrial world are unable to forgive and forget the past what for happened in Sri Lanka in the past and preaching to their children what they have undergone in the past in Sri Lanka and poisoning the minds of their children.

This is a threat not only to Sri Lanka but also to the rich industrial world where they live in because their is a saying one drop of poison in the milk will destroy the whole cup of milk. We need to work fast towards these youngsters to forgive and forget the past and build a future for them with positive thinking.

We need to welcome all Sri Lankan diaspora to come home and help to rebuild Sri Lanka together. We need to create the climate for them to feel that their investments are secured and useful to the country and also they can expect a good dividend in return to their investments.

They have the economy the knowledge, the expediency and the ideas to rebuild Sri Lanka to suit the modern environment.

According to the News First News the first of January 2020 we give you the following information.

Sri Lankan Loan as per 2020.01.01 comes to RS. 12,863. 5 BILLION


# Failing to increase Government income. 
# Obtaining loans for large scale projects.
# Obtaining commercial loans without any concessions have caused
   the debt burden to rise rapidly.

Economists also points out that the occurrence of the Bond Scam,
and the subsequent increase in interest rates of the country resulting in the depreciating of the rupee is another major factor which has caused the debt burden to increase.

There is a old saying, even though Mustard is a very small ingredient, its flavor is very strong.

This formula applies to the minorities of a country, even though the minorities are small in a country their contributions to the developments of the country is very big.

We have been informed the following and we would like to share it with our readers to analyze this.

Please note that the President election 2020 was won by Hon Mr. Gotabaya Rejapaksa with the help of minority votes as well.

Total Buddhist votes 12,448,494 = 50% = 6,244,247. Total votes President received 6,924,255.
Total Sinhala votes President received was approximately 67% witch is = 5,838,343.
Total minority votes 1,085,912. Effective minority votes that helped President to win 405,904.
If Mr. Sajith Premadasa got those minority votes of 1,085,912, then his total votes would have been 6,650,151.
which is =53.42%. Didn't the minority help Hon Mr. Gotabaya Rejapaksa to win this ELECTION.....???

According to our knowledge the major share of Sri Lankan resources are untouched. With the help of Sri Lankan diaspora we can make the maximum use to use our resources to develop the country Sri Lanka with there knowledge and experience.

We are proud to say some of the Sri Lankan diaspora  living in the industrial world have top the first 10 in the country and some even the first ranking in the country.

The best hope for Sri Lanka is to work on the integration policy to integrate all Sri Lankan diaspora to come to Sri Lanka and to help rebuild a new Sri Lanka with unity, prosperity and Hope.

Many of the Sri Lankan diaspora are getting old, sick and even some pass away. Most of these Sri Lankans who left the country 20-30 years ago are doing extremely well with a lot cash and capital not knowing what to do with their economy. On the other hand Sri Lanka is looking for investors to invest in Sri Lanka and to promote tourism . If we approach them in the right way Sri Lanka can win their confidence and support to rebuild the country.

These are the citizens who visit Sri Lanka yearly after the war ended because they have spent apart of their life in Sri Lanka before leaving Sri Lanka and they do feel for Sri Lanka. Last year tourism in Sri Lanka was around 2.2 million and we believe around 60% are Sri Lankan diaspora . Majority of the children born to Sri Lankan diaspora are born outside Sri Lanka and they hardly know or feel for Sri Lanka.

We at MANKIND is more than ready to work side-by-side with the President of Sri Lanka and the government and all political parties in Sri Lanka for the unity, prosperity, hope and peace in Sri Lanka forever.




Awakening TV
Posted on Apr 21 2019 21 apr. 2019

You Reap What You Sow. 


 If you sow seeds of kindness,

Then kindness is what you'll reap.

If you sow seeds of forgiveness,

You'll reap untroubled sleep.


 If you sow seeds of anger,

of hatred or discontent,

You'll reap a crop of violence,

Discord and evil intent.


 If you sow seeds of brotherly love,

Then love you will receive,

But if wickedness is what you sow,

Then wicked you will be.


The lesson here is pretty clear:

You reap just what you sow.

Therefore, strive to sow only good seeds,

And spread them wherever you go.


Kim Merryman


Sri Lankans are truly trying hard to make up for the lost unity. Give them your support and help them achieve their goals. Thank you.




During the internal war in Sri Lanka in the past, we have been working for many years how to end the internal war in Sri Lanka and we came to the conclusion the best way to pay way to end the internal war in Sri Lanka is through education and we at MANKIND decided to start career educational courses in Sri Lanka 2003 in the internal war affected areas in both sides in Sri Lanka. The government side and the LTTE side and we communicate with the government of Sri Lanka and the LTTE. We received positive responses from the government of Sri Lanka but did not receive any responses from the LTTE side.

The career education courses in Sri Lanka was planned for 3 years at a cost of 45 million Swedish krona and we communicate with the Swedish government through SIDA and they were willing to support us with 80 % of the project cost and we had in hand some private companies to sponsor the 20% that was needed.

Since the project was designed to help both sides when one side did not cooperate the project was put off. When the internal war was put to an end in 2009 in Sri Lanka we wanted to start up the career educational courses in 2010. We were finding it difficult to find the sponsors so we decided to give our project plans to other NGOs and we were glad to see many NGOs started many career educational courses in Sri Lanka. The need of career educational courses are in great demand even today in Sri Lanka so we are planing to start up career educational courses in Sri Lanka to meet the demands and also to the European standards.