Sri Lanka has long been referred to as a Paradise island on Earth in the past. The people of Sri Lanka have set an example to many progressive nations by electing world’s first ever women prime minister, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike, which show a deep sense of their equality, opportunity and democratic nature. For a welfare of such stature, it comes as a bit of surprise and disappointment that a civil conflict occurred which lasted for almost 30 years in Sri Lanka. The world has witnessed one of the bloodiest and the most brutal human rights violation in this country.

It all started when the internal war broke up in Sri Lanka in 1983 and lasted for more than two decades has thrown the country in deep turmoil and now face a daunting task to save themselves from succumbing to the aforementioned crisis.

Sri Lanka has seen bloodshed and economical damage which has set the country on a back foot in terms of progression, both socially and economically. Sri Lankan government finally put an end to the internal war in Sri Lanka on May 2009. Reconciliation, rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes have started since then and not to forget the recent Easter Sunday terror attacks april 2019 in churches and hotels in Sri Lanka had paid heavy losses of human lives and destroyed the country's economy very badly.

This great tragedy could have been avoided had the good people raised their voice and create required awareness among the citizens of Sri Lanka against the civil outburst. Instead, their silence has paved the way for evil people to press their forces, causing chaos among the people and eventually leading to this unfortunate situation that changed the course of the nation’s progress. The aftermath of this civil outburst and internal war is the silence of these citizens against the wrongdoings of the bureaucracy and themselves alike.

At the time of civil outburst and internal war, none could have estimated this level of destruction. And for this reason, we need to encourage the people of Sri Lanka to raise their voices in favor of overall development of the nation instead of silent gestures towards the destructive forces that proved so costly. This is the grass root foundation of democracy: OF the people, B Y the people and FOR the people as phrased by Abraham Lincoln


The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.


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Posted on Apr 21 2019 21 apr. 2019

You Reap What You Sow. 


 If you sow seeds of kindness,

Then kindness is what you'll reap.

If you sow seeds of forgiveness,

You'll reap untroubled sleep.


 If you sow seeds of anger,

of hatred or discontent,

You'll reap a crop of violence,

Discord and evil intent.


 If you sow seeds of brotherly love,

Then love you will receive,

But if wickedness is what you sow,

Then wicked you will be.


The lesson here is pretty clear:

You reap just what you sow.

Therefore, strive to sow only good seeds,

And spread them wherever you go.


Kim Merryman


Sri Lankans are truly trying hard to make up for the lost unity. Give them your support and help them achieve their goals. Thank you.