Action Plan

“Violence brings only temporary victories; violence, by creating many more social problems than it solves, never brings permanent peace.” -- Martin Luther King Jr.

Mankind has three primary projects designed to unite all Sri Lankans and uplift the people of Sri Lanka to create a true democracy and a prosperous economy in Sri Lanka. Do not wait for your government to do the job for you. Work with us and we will work together to find the solutions.


  1. Help Sri Lankans to come out of extreme poverty, upgrade the living standards of all Sri Lankans and help find the hidden talents of Sri Lankans. Our sponsors have shown their willingness and desire to help eradicate extreme poverty in Sri Lanka with an acceptable living standard only if there are a good number of citizens who enroll with us and give their mandate and support for our project Mankind to the sponsor's satisfaction. 


  2. To minimize or eliminate corruption, bribery, and money laundering and to stop wrong investments in Sri Lanka by Sri Lankan politicians. Our Sri Lankan representatives will work alongside with local Sri Lankans to achieve the above and also help the less fortunate.


  3. Mankind Sweden will instruct its representatives in Sri Lanka to appoint a committee to study if Mankind representatives in Sri Lanka can file a lawsuit against the industrial world for failing to stop the internal civil war that lasted for more than 26 years in Sri Lanka. Almost three decades of civil war have thrown the country into deep turmoil and now face the daunting task to save themselves from succumbing to the aforementioned crisis.


Sri Lanka has seen bloodshed and economical damage which has set the country on the back foot in terms of progression, both socially and economically. The leading Western nations spent trillions of dollars in eliminating the leaders of Iraq and Libya, and it is sad to say that they could not stop the internal civil war in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, which lasted more than 26 years. Sri Lanka is the country which elected the first female prime minister in the world.


To our knowledge, Sri Lanka is facing unprecedented moments, economic volatility and a macroeconomic crisis. Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean, located to the south of the Indian Subcontinent. sprawling over the area of 65,525 sq. km.
Since the past politicians had brought Sri Lankan’s economy to the very bottom Mankind's representatives in Sri Lanka will be actively monitoring and guiding the Sri Lankan politicians at all times. We will never allow any wrongdoing by Sri Lankan politicians anymore.  No matter which party government rules the country Mankind Sweden's representatives will make sure that the ruling government works for the citizens of Sri Lanka and not the other way around.    
Since it's an internal political agenda Mankind Sweden will not get involved directly in projects 2 and 3 but will render any legal advice with international expertise to our representatives in Sri Lanka in these matters if asked for.  Funding for projects 2 and 3 must be borne by the Sri Lankans, Sri Lankan diasporas and the well-wishers because it involves internal politics and funds to be directly deposited to our collaborate partner Lion's club of Kelaniya branch Bank account to assure you that being a member of an international organization they will be maintaining 100% transparency to distribute all donations and satisfy the donors wishes and also to cover the expenses towards projects 2 and 3.


Now it's up to Sri Lankans, Sri Lankan diasporas and the well-wishers to come forward and start providing funds to Lions Club of Kelaniya branch Bank account (provided below) to start work on projects 2 and 3 in order to achieve their goals. 


We at Mankind Sweden (N.G.O) wanted to demonstrate that not only the NGOs could work for the betterment of the people, but even Private Companies could also contribute to the betterment of their citizens by providing CSR Programs (Corporate Social Responsibility). Globally most of the Private Companies have implemented CSR Programs for the betterment of their livelihood.

Sri Lanka is badly in need of foreign currency and your donations will also help to better the foreign currency reserve in the country. Billions of dollars of investments are waiting for Sri Lanka if we can address especially project 2.  The website of our representatives companies are added not to commercial venture with those companies but to indicate to public these are well established companies coming forward to help their mother land.

Mankind representatives in Sri Lanka
Magala Holdings (PVT LTD)
Barter Smart Exchange (PVT LTD)

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